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Many people ask, “Is God real?” “What evidence is there that God loves us?” “Can we really see that God is doing things today that only He could do—doing amazing and supernatural works that profoundly speak to all of us—believer and skeptic?” The Bible tells us that the things of God are foolishness to the unbeliever, but God can get your attention no matter who you are.

The purpose of this website is to provide a place where people can communicate their experiences of God’s wonderful works. Every day God does miracles, signs, wonders, healings, deliverances, providing of needs, and inspiring people to share of their blessings with those in need. We would like to share those stories of how God’s love and power can make an Overcomer out of anyone no matter how weak and humble we may appear on the outside. We would like to encourage your faith power to grow as you see just how GREAT GOD IS—nothing is too big or too small to concern HIM.

GOD’ S OVERCOMERS is divided into sections that will allow the visitor or contributor to find subjects of interest easily or browse through a wide variety of information. The sections include: Home, Welcome!, About Us, God (Yahweh) Helping Us, Overcomer Tools, Miracles (Answered Prayers, Miracles, Healings, Deliverances, Provisions, Signs and Wonders), Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Store, Contact Us, and Additional Links to other sites (Additional Links- listed under the Overcomers Tools page) that are also dedicated to bringing GLORY to OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

The purpose of the web site is to promote the building of GOD’s kingdom and the doing of GOD’s will. We believe that people need a place to tell the story of how GOD did a miracle in their life. We also believe that GOD is doing many miracles every day that pass unnoticed by us all. We further believe that miracles and answered prayers form a great encouragement to growing our faith to more maturity. More mature faith will lead to more loving building of GOD’s kingdom until JESUS returns to fulfill GOD’s promises as described in HIS WORD (what many people call the Bible—Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).

In this age of exploding global information and interconnection of everyone with a computer and internet connection to most of the whole information system, people who are GOD’s Over Comers can have a way to share GOD’s miracles with other interested people.

We believe that many people are not loving GOD and ALL of HIS people due to lack of information (i.e., people who have never heard about GOD’s plan from HIS WORD), skepticism (i.e., people who are not able to make sense of what GOD is doing), denial (i.e., people who are not able to see anything about who GOD is and are not willing to admit that we are accountable to HIM in the end), and cynicism (i.e., people who are not able to distinguish between the actions of sincere or insincere people of faith who do their own will as opposed to people who are doing GOD’s kingdom building work). Thank you for visiting our site and we invite you to become a part of the God's Overcomer community and to explore the different parts of the website starting with About Us.

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